This web site is devoted to those special individuals that are phabulously Phat and carry a positive healthy sense and attitude of tolerance.


How to tell if you are phatophobic

Ever find yourself looking at a Phat person in disgust?

Have you avoided conversation or relationships with Phat individuals?

Do you immediately judge someone who is Phat as lazy, sloppy, or stupid?

There is hope!!! Don?t despair dear phatophobic, this disease is curable!


Have you been a victim of phatophobia?

You are out shopping, enjoying your day when the "helpful" department store clerk directs you to the large sizes department? (Everyone knows that phatophobics are rude by nature.)

While are at dinner, enjoying a lovely meal at a restaurant, you notice that someone is looking at you with disgust and repulsion? A phatophobic says to you, as your are about to take a bite of your meal, "do you really want to eat that?"


What is Phat? (pronounced: faat)

A phabulous Phat individual has a Positive Healthy Attitude, and a highly sophisticated sense of self-esteem.

A phabulous Phat person is completely comfortable with themselves, and does not judge personal accomplishments due to body size, or compares themselves with the body shape or size of other individuals.


How to Overcome Your phatophobia

First, you just learn that being a phatophobic means your own self-esteem is in need of personal review and possible professional help.

To loathe, prejudge and/or hate, for any reason, is a red flag that YOU have unresolved issues in your life, so work on it!

Don?t blame others for your inability to be wise in your tolerance and acceptance, that is your problem alone. You own it, so keep it to yourself.

Accept individuals for the excellence they can bring into your life, not because of their outward beauty, instead for their Phabulous Phat demeanor.

Learn basic good manners! In is inappropriate, and certainly unacceptable to make rude comments about anyone, Phat or otherwise.


Phat people out there!

Hold on to that healthy sense of your own self-esteem!

Accept yourself for the greatness that is within your soul, and accept other individuals that you meet for the "content of their character" (Martin Luther King), without regard for the size of their body or content of their pocketbook.


About the Author

"I have been skinny as a rail, and phabulously Phat as they come, and have learned excellent lessons, as a result!

Whether thin or Phat, I am still the same wonderful individual inside and out, and have learned to love and accept myself for that beauty.

I would enjoy hearing from those of you who are recovering or current phatophobic, or just plain Phat folks like myself!

I may be reached at PhatGoddess.

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Comments posted on this web site are done so at the discretion of the PhatGoddess of this domain! (me!).

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